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Ep. 28: Episode 28 - The End of the Age and the Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls Calendar with Ken Johnson

·235 words·2 mins
Joel Gheen
Dan Rundio

Perhaps one of the most important episodes we have ever recorded for understanding where we might be relative to the second coming of Christ…

Prophecy in the Bible can be hard to understand, but it gets a whole lot easier when you’re using the right calendar! Author Ken Johnson, ThD, has written more than 30 books using ancient Dead Sea Scrolls material. On this episode, on the eve of a leap year and just prior to Easter and the ancient New Year Spring Equinox, we discuss his work on ancient calendars and what it means for Biblical Prophecy.

Have you ever wondered how Jesus could have spent 3 days and 3 nights in a tomb between Friday night and Sunday morning? When specifically did Jesus die? When should we expect to see the antichrist? What has to happen between now and Jesus’ return? What Biblical prophecies are likely being fulfilled right now?

Join us for this fascinating and thought-provoking episode.

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